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The Bad Wilf Podcast

Apr 17, 2014

In which Martyn and Gerrod bring you the latest geek news.

Gerrod didn't watch 2001:A space odyssey, so they couldn't review that. The episode is raw and unedited (couldn't be bothered).

The pair discuss a possible Spider-Man/X-Men crossover, Transformers news, belated sequels and squeaky chairs.

The podcast can be accessed via different places, including <a href="">Miro</a>, <a href="">Stiticher</a>, <a href="">Blubrry</a>, <a href="">Player fm </a>and <a href="">Itunes</a>.


Twitter: Martyn-<a href="">@BadWilf</a>


            The Show-<a href="">@TheBWpodcast</a>