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The Bad Wilf Podcast

Jul 25, 2021

Martyn is joined by Alex Lightman and Julie Dray, the director and lead actress in the new interactive film on Steam.

In Night Book, an online interpreter is tricked into reading an ancient book that summons a demon into her home. Night Book is an interactive occult thriller from the publishers of The Complex, Five...

Jul 10, 2021

From San Quentin to Hollywood, Danny Trejo has led many interesting lives. Martyn was lucky enough to get 15mins with this icon of cinema, to talk about his new book 'Trejo: My life of Crime, Redemption and Hollywood.'

Watch the video version on YouTube.

Amazon affiliate link for Danny's book:

Jul 3, 2021

In which Martyn, Chris and Sam discuss the recent news surrounding the TV series, Doctor Who.

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