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In which Martyn, Mark and Gerrod play catch up with Doctor Who


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In which Martyn and Pete are joined by Nick and Andy from Podcastique.

In usual Bad Wilf fashion, they go massively off topic. The Podcastique guys have released this as a video podcast, so you can check that out at http://www.youtube.com/user/podcastique?feature=watch.

Martyn and Pete are considering future video podcasts. They just need better lighting and some actors to play them.




Nick and Andy-@Podcastique

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In which we actually discuss Doctor Who, yes, actual Doctor Who. Martyn and new host Mark look at The Bells Of Saint John. It's also our longest episode to date.

Check out previous episodes at www.badwilf.co.uk

Mark isnt on twitter, so you can only follow Martyn-@BadWilf

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