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A podcast, by people like you: We cover, TV, Film and many different subjects, whilst under the influence of booze.
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In which Martyn and Gerrod become slightly drunker than in the last episode. They then look at episode 2 of, In The Flesh.







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In which Martyn and Gerrod take a look at the new movie, Jack The Giant Slayer, which is released in the UK on 22/03/13.


Next episode will be episode 2 of, In the flesh.

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In which Martyn and Gerrod get drunk and head to Martyn's ask.fm page, ask.fm/BadWilf. They then discuss BBC3's new show, In the flesh.

The next episode will be out on Wednesday, Jack The Giant Slayer.

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Martyn didn't have time to watch Kill Bill, so instead we're talking about nothing. The Gremlins are back in Bad Wilf towers and the last 15mins didn't record. Also, Martyn's microphone that he just spent £30 on attachments for, decided to stop working two minutes in.

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