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In which Martyn and Gerrod take a look at the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special.




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In which Martyn braves the flu, alright, a cold (but he had been at work, on a Saturday.) He and Gerrod bring their review of Day of The Doctor and, they finally reach episode 100.

Sadly, it's just the two of them as the scheduling didn't quite work out with the rest of the team. Fear not, Mark and Pete will return in 2014.

The next episode is likely to be a review of Time Of The Doctor.

Have a great Festivus.

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In which Martyn, Mark and his mate Bob look at the doctor who episodes Crimson Horror and Nightmare in silver.

Martyn then looks at the book Doctor Who:The Vault.

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In which Martyn is joined by director/actor Alex Winter. The pair talk about Alex's new documentary, downloaded, as well as Bill and Ted, The Lost Boys and child actors.

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In his first solo, face-to-face interview, Gerrod speaks to Sharni Vinson, star of 'You're Next'.

You're next is currently out in UK cinemas.



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In which Martyn and Gerrod meet up with the intention to record a review of Kick-Ass. But, you know how it goes, they mostly talk about themselves.

As mentioned in this episode, we will be dropping the explicit tag for a few weeks.

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In which Martyn and Mark attempt to discuss the film, but find it difficult to stay on course and they travel around the trekverse.


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In which Martyn and Mark take a look at man of steel. It was recorded on an extrememly hot day, in Martyn's garden so, there is a bit of background noise.


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In which Mark and Bob look at stories from the 6th and 7th Doctor era of Doctor Who.


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In which Martyn, Gerrod and Rix give you a quick review of The MCM expo and, when we say quick-we mean quick.

It was recorded in the car, after being on our feet for 9 hours. A longer episode is coming soon where we'll talk about the expo in more detail, as well as Doctor Who and Star Trek:Into Darkness

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